We provide a full selection of new and used rental instruments with an easy payment option. In addition to selection, we also offer customers assurance; our program is designed to allow exchanges and returns with ease, and has no hidden charges or purchase obligations.


How Does It Work?


  • Flexible Month-to-Month Lease with an Option to Purchase Agreement - We know how fickle children can be in their extra curricular activities.  One month they want to play the clarinet and the next month they want to be on the swim team.  Our Freedom Program gives you the flexibility to exchange or return your instrument at anytime with no hidden or termination fees!
  • Quality Name Brand Instruments - Every instrument we rent is a name brand instrument.  We do not carry or rent any instrument that we feel would impede a new student in their technique or education.  Each item in our stock is in its optimal playing condition.
  • Affordable Plans and Rates - We have something for every budget!  Choose from one of our affordable plans:
            Gold Rental - Band instruments that are brand new or a like-new instruments. The best plan for the aspiring musician!
           Silver Rental - Previously rented band instrument that shows medium amounts of cosmetic wear.  Guaranteed to be in optimal playing condition and poses no difficulty in playability.
            Bronze Rental- Our most affordable rate, these are band instruments that have been rented many times and may show moderate or more cosmetic wear.  As always, these instruments are guaranteed to be in their optimal playing condition and will post no difficulty in playability.                                                                                                   
  • No Credit Checks or Interest Payments - You are already approved for a rental account!  
  • Easy Purchase Option - At anytime, you may take 100% of all rental payments (sales tax and Diamond Service Plan excluded) and apply it to the purchase price of the instrument you are renting!  You also have the option of using your rental credit against a newer or upgraded instrument if you choose!  If you decide to purchase your rental instrument within the first 90 days we will give you an additional 15% off the price of the instrument plus your accrued rental credit!  Once the total amount of rental credit accrued equals or exceeds the total purchase price of the instrument, your contract will be paid off and ownership transferred to you.

Automatic Payment Method


We want to make things as easy as we can for you, which is why we offer an easy option for paying your monthly rental payment!  

  • Credit Card Payment - We accept all major credit card carriers and check cards for your monthly payment rental payment.  Your automatic payments will be billed to your card on the first business day of each month.


Optional Diamond Service Plan

It's no secret that a musical instrument is not a cheap item to acquire and repair.  You can be at ease with our optional Diamond Service Plan (DSP) agreement.  For a set monthly amount you will be covered against normal wear and tear.  In the event of vandalism, theft, or fire we've got you covered as well!  Unlike other rental programs, we do not charge a deductible for repairs or loss. (Some restrictions apply per the terms of the Diamond Service Program)

  • Band Instruments - Depending on which instrument you choose your monthly rate will be $6.00 or $10.00 per month.  This is for student model band instruments only.
  • Orchestral Strings and Guitars - The monthly Diamond Service Plan fee for violins, violas, cellos, and guitars is $2.05 and $9.95 for a stand-up bass.


Getting Started


Once we have your personal and financial information signing the agreement is easy and takes only a few minutes. To save time, you can fill out a rental form online. By doing so, we will have your contract and your instrument ready when you walk through the door. If you would rather have a more personal experience with a salesperson and a better chance to see and play your instrument before you rent it, we welcome you to come down to our store-front! 

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