• FLEXIBLE MONTH-TO-MONTH LEASE WITH AN OPTION TO PURCHASE AGREEMENT - Our rental program gives you the flexibility to exchange or return your instrument at anytime with no hidden or termination fees!  Keep the instrument as long or as little as you you like!  When you're ready you can return to us at anytime and we'll terminate your rental contract!
  • NAME BRAND INSTRUMENTS AT AFFORDABLE RATES! - No explanation needed...we only rent quality instrument approved by professional musicians and teachers!
  • EASY PURCHASE OPTION -Apply 100% of ALL rental credit (base rental payment including tax) that you've accrued over the life of your contract towards the purchase of your instrument or an upgraded instrument!  Unlike other instrument rental programs, we do not cap your rental credit at 12 or 24 months or charge any interest in future upgrades!
  • EASY RETURN - We get it!  Things happen!  Whether it's a personal budget crisis, you just don't have the time to learn, or your kid wants to to take up underwater basket weaving next semester instead of playing the trombone we make it easy for you to return your instrument!  It is as simple as returning the instrument to our front counter!  Once the instrument is in our possession, your contract will be terminated and you will no longer have a monthly obligation MusicMasters!  No termination fees, no penalties, no interest, nada, zilch for returning the instrument! (**Outstanding back rent and/or late fees are due at the time of return**)
  • NO RENTAL CREDIT CAP - It's your money.  IT SHOULD WORK FOR YOU!  Unlike other music stores in our area,  we don't cap your rental credit.  You'll never have to worry about your rental credit capping out at 12 months and then being strong armed into a financing program with interest for a more expensive instrument.  It should be your choice when YOU are ready to use your rental credit on an upgrade or if you want to use it to purchase the instrument you originally rented.
  • AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS - All of our rental accounts are setup for automatic payments to your credit card or check card.  We accept all major credit cards!  Rental payments are processed on the first business day of each month.
  • FREE K-12 SCHOOL PICK AND DROP-OFF SERVICES - We understand that your schedule may not allow you to visit us for repairs or needed accessories.  No problem!  Our school representative regularly visits the schools in all of the Big Bend Are and South Georgia.  Please contact us if you need school delivery or pick-up services for accessories, repairs, or exchanges.  ***Due to COVID-19 these services may not be available for your area or school, however, curbside drop-off and pick-up are available.***
  • OPTIONAL MAINTENANCE PLAN- It's no secret that a musical instrument is not an inexpensive item to acquire and repair.  You can be at ease with our optional Diamond Service Plan!  For a set monthly amount, you will be covered against normal wear and tear or loss through theft or vandalism.  Unlike other rental programs, we do not charge a deductible for repairs or loss.  (Restrictions apply per the terms of the Diamond Service Plan) See rates above on the flyer for your instrument!


*Sousaphone rentals with neck and bits will require a one-time $100 deposit, and will be refunded at the time of instrument return.  Deposit will be charged to your credit card at the same time your first month's rental payment is made.*

*Rental rates for Wood Bassoons, Tenor Sax, and Soprano Sax may vary from prices listed on our website depending on stock availability.  Please call for pricing and availability if you are renting one of these instruments.*



If you are an adult and not in a school music program; please select "Out of Area or No School" from the district drop down menu.

If you do not see your school or music instructor, please notify us so that we may keep our database current!


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